What does art mean to you?

Discovering and sharing concerns with artists.

What is art for Esther Ferrer?
Still of her video 'Extrañeza, desprecio, dolor y un largo etc', 2013. courtesy of the artist and ángels barcelona gallery.
Esther Ferrer, Extrañeza, desprecio, dolor y un largo etc, 2013.
HD video, color, silent, 17 min., courtesy of the artist and àngels barcelona gallery.

We want you to participate and share your thoughts on contemporary artistic creation with us.
What does art mean to you?

ART data projects is a response to the need to generate experiences of discovery, sharing, connection and communication through digital media. To do so, we generate encounters and conversations between different protagonists of contemporary art.

Focusing on the emotional bonds with their works and the professional context of each artist, the selected individuals create a brief action or conversation that conveys the emotions they feel when discovering and exploring the artist’s work and processes.

Pioneering performance artist Esther Ferrer tell us what art is for her in an interview with Paula Achiaga for El Cultural in 2017, on the occasion of her exhibition at the Museo Reina Sofía, All Variations Are Valid, Including This One:

In my case, art is a path to knowledge, a way of getting to know the world I live in and knowing myself’.

Art is a space of freedom where anything you want is permissible. If it has one purpose, it’s to make you think; it’s an act of reflection and a tremendous pleasure, for me and, I hope, for others as well’.

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Esther Ferrer. Todas las variaciones son válidas, Museo Reina Sofía, 2017
Esther Ferrer, artist and Laurence Rassel, co-curator talk about the exhibition devoted to the work of a pioneer and one of the foremost representatives of performance art in Spain

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