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Cristina Garrido, an afternoon with Mónica, Manuel, Celia, Lea and Diego.
Patricia Esquivias and Carlos Copertone, walking in Chamberí.
Almudena Lobera & Sveva D'Antonio Collezione Taurisano
Regina de Miguel & Pilar Soler

Sparking curiosity about the visual arts, generating empathy and engagement with contemporary creation through the shared testimonies of a series of artists, curators, collectors and people who feel and are moved by art.

Building a virtual community and forging a network of communication and exchange between people and organisations to promote and support the production of contemporary art and culture projects.

the processes, the work and the experience of contemporary art.

Actividad realizada con el apoyo del Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte.
Developed with the support of the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport.

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Amparo López Corral

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